Bankist App: Banking made minimalist.

Danishjeet Singh
2 min readMar 26, 2022


A simple vanilla JavaScript app that is made to make banking minimalist.

Bank Account for user1

I started this fun little project very recently, and actually out of boredom that I had during my Spring Break. The idea was to learn the concepts of JavaScript and try and put that to work fully(in the front-end and well as the back-end)

The UI of this app is quite minimalist and simple to navigate and observe. Initially I was hoping to use solid colors, but ended up using gradients just for that extra pop in the visuals.

In this app, I haven’t written a proper back-end for it(I do have plans for that in the near future), instead for the meanwhile I hard coded the values of the bank accounts in the single script.js file.

Throughout the process I learnt a lot about DOM manipulation and I actually learnt what I call is “Intentional DOM Creation”. I used to write HTML and CSS and I never really cared about how I named my classes, but since I’ve started practicing JS, I’ve actually learnt a lot about how I should write and maintain my classes in my DOM.

Moving further, this simple little app actually has very twisted array manipulation techniques,(at-least according to me) but I thoroughly enjoyed thinking and going through the process of using Arrays in the system.

Furthermore, I learnt some new stuff along the way. An interesting one being the Internationalization API, since it’s a banking app so there’s a lot of time and currency formats that have to be taken care of according to the locale of the user or which currency they use for their daily transactions.

You can actually go on and try this app by yourselves at:

As of now there are 2 users for this app,
User 1: ds | password: 1111
User 2: ni | password: 2222

Currently I’m designing the marketing website for this concept and I have more plans to make this even better in the future.

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