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Danishjeet Singh
2 min readJun 8, 2022
Landing page for the Bankist website

Welcome back everyone, I’m finally back after so long. The last time I posted was at the end of March and I can’t believe that’s it’s June already.

So a quick recap to what I’ve been doing lately, I posted my very first article about my web app called “Bankist”, it’s basically a dummy bank with fake money and fake bank accounts. Now I’ve designed the marketing website for the service that I want to sell.

I’ve been using plain HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS for this small project, but I do get to learn quite a bit about the DOM Manipulation using various JS API’s. In this site, you’ll witness some subtle effects happening as you scroll down and interact with the site.

For those effects to take place, I had to use the Intersection Observer API, which in a nutshell tracks the intersection of the target element to other elements around it, so it can perform the necessary tasks that it is required to, when the right time comes. One of the examples in this project were to track the height of certain elements from the viewport, so they can perform their transitions as soon as the elements appear to the user on their screen.

Other than that, It is a simple website, unfortunately it is Desktop only at this moment, I was planning on to make it mobile friendly, but as I mentioned in my last article, I have some bigger plans for the future, which would require me to code all of this again, and I’ll make sure that in the future my approach is mobile first. Right now, I’m just learning JavaScript and it’s quirks that come with it.

You should go and check it out here:



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